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    Everyday Book Box 3
    New burstGrades K–6

    Five more great-value
    boxes of all new books

    Everyday Book Box red

    • 50 books in each box (different from the books in Everyday Book Box 1 & 2)
    • Levelled, multi-genre titles, a mix of illustrated and photographic titles
    • Good for multiple learning environments—read aloud time, independent reading, and take home

    Available boxes:

    • Red Box Guided Reading Levels A–F
    • Yellow Box Guided Reading Levels C–L
    • Blue Box Guided Reading Levels G–Q
    • Green Box Guided Reading Levels J–S (40 books)
    • Orange Box Guided Reading Levels M–W (40 books)

    List of books and guided reading levels
    in each box.

    Various Everyday Book Box 3 Covers
    Tooltip9789814709026Everyday Book Box 3: Red$199.00STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9789814709033Everyday Book Box 3: Yellow$199.00STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9789814709040Everyday Book Box 3: Blue$199.00STDRENTRYA
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