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Tooltip9781443139175Pyjama Day!$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128827Monster Chef$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133210Fox and Squirrel Make a Friend$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133340My Dinosaur Dad$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545823418#prehistoric: Follow the Dinosaurs$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545808590100 Most Destructive Natural Disasters Ever$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545670166101 Hidden Animals$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531209196Animal Control Officer$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545791212Animal Faces$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212585Animals Helping at Home$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205099Animals Helping at Work$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212134Animals Helping to Keep the Peace$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206676Anteaters$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206690Austria$33.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205679Baby Sheep$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545766357Big Game$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545563185Bird & Squirrel: On Ice!$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545627832Blackout$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545757522The Amazing Stardust Friends #1: Step into the S$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545484435Boris #1: Boris on the Move$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545484473Boris #2: Boris Gets a Lizard$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545484541Boris #4: Boris Sees the Light$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646239Branches: Dragon Masters #1: Rise of the Earth D$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646253Branches: Dragon Masters #2: Saving the Sun Drag$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646284Branches: Dragon Masters #3: Secret of the Water$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545623926Branches: Erie Elementary #1: The School is Aliv$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545623957Branches: Erie Elementary #2: The Locker ate Luc$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545610612Branches: Kung Pow Chicken #1: Let’s Get Crackin$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545610636Branches: Kung Pow Chicken #2: Bok! Bok!$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545610681Branches: Kung Pow Chicken #3: The Birdy Snatche$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545610742Branches: Kung Pow Chicken #4: Heroes on the Sid$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545496025Looniverse #1: Stranger Things$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545496049Looniverse #2: Meltdown Madness$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545496063Looniverse #3: Dinosaur Disaster$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545496087Looniverse #4: Stage Fright$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545445122Lotus Lane #1: Kiki$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545445146Lotus Lane #2: Coco$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545445160Lotus Lane #3: Lulu$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545445191Lotus Lane #4: Mika$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545438513Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #1: Picture Day$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545438520Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #2: Class Pets$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545438537Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #3: School Play$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545438544Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #4: Field Trip$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545559805Monkey Me #2: Monkey Me and the Pet Show$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545559843Monkey Me #3: Monkey Me and the New Neighbor$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545559898Monkey Me #4: Monkey Me and the School Ghost$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545493239Branches: The Notebook of Doom #1: Rise of the B$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545493253Branches: The Notebook of Doom #2: Day of the Ni$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545552974Branches: The Notebook of Doom #3: Attack of the$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545552998Branches: The Notebook of Doom #4: Chomp of the$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545698955Branches: The Notebook of Doom #5: Whack of the$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545698986Branches: The Notebook of Doom #6: Pop of the Bu$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545795500Branches: The Notebook of Doom #7: Flurry of Sno$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545638395Branches: Princess Pink and the Land of Fake Bel$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545638418Branches: Princess Pink and the Land of Fake Bel$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545683623Branches: Owl Diaries #1: Eva’s Treetop Festival$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545577854Buried Sunlight$20.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545478533The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial M$20.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545694810Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, th$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545603720Charmed Life #1: Caitlin’s Lucky Charm$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545603775Charmed Life #2: Mia’s Golden Bird$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439793384Chasing Freedom$20.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206652Chipmunks$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545528436Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128209Colossal Canada$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124522Dashing Through the Snow$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124430Dear Canada Flame and Ashes$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545642576Dear Dumb Diary Year Two: #5: You Can Bet on Tha$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212820The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill$35.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531211816Disgusting Bodily Functions$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531211823Disgusting Foods$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531211830Disgusting Jobs$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531211847Disgusting Plants$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545399319The Dogs of Winter$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128308The Dogs$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545551373The Door$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545675727The Door Audio, The$37.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128704The Duck Says, The$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545654746Embassy Row #1: All Fall Down$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545791229Explorers$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531207420Extreme Experiments$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531207413Extreme Laboratories$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531207444Extreme Science Careers$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531207437Extreme Weather$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545534796Finding Ruby Starling$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545690164The Finisher Audio, The$46.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531209202Firefighter$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205877Fossils$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545477253Freedom Summer Murders$20.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545605700Frogs$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124614From Vimy to Victory$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210642Gaboon Vipers$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213148Georgia O’Keefe (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545556316Geronimo Stilton #57: The Stinky Cheese Vacation$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545656009Geronimo Stilton #58: The Super Chef Contest$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545746137Geronimo Stilton #59: Welcome to Mouldy Manor$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646543Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #5: The Great Mouse Ra$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545656030Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #6: Don’t Wake the Din$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545746168Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #7: I’m a Scaredy Mous$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646505Geronimo Stilton Spacemice #1: Alien Escape$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646529Geronimo Stilton Spacemice #2: You’re Mine Capta$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545746199Geronimo Stilton Spacemice #3: Ice Planet Advent$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545331814Glory Be$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133234Good Morning, Canada$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206638Guinea Pigs$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206683Hammerhead Sharks$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443139083A Hanging Offence$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206263The Hindenburg Disaster3-5$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545665735The Honest Truth$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545686693Hope for Winter$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545397308Horses of the Dawn #1: The Escape$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439241045How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe?$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545667760The Human Body$17.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545503297The Hypnotists #2, The: Memory Maze$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443113052I Am Canada: Defend or Die$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443107815I Am Canada: Sink and Destroy$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210376I Broke My Arm$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210383I Have a Cavity$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210123I Have a Cold$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210116I Like to Exercise$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210130I Lost a Tooth$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210390I Need Stitches$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545433426If You’re Reading This$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128728Iginla Sparks the Flames$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545371018Inhuman$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210659Inland Taipans$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522250The Iron Trial: Book 1 of the Magisterium$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223628It’s a Good Thing There are Bats$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223598It’s a Good Thing There are Bees$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223635It’s a Good Thing There are Butterflies$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223642It’s a Good Thing There are Earthworms$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223611It’s a Good Thing There are Snakes$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531223604It’s a Good Thing There are Spiders$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545688185Jabberwocky$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206645Jellyfish$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545224963Kinda Like Brothers$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133500The Last 13 Book Five: 9$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133524The Last 13 Book Six: 8$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133548The Last 13 Book Seven: 7$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133562The Last 13 Book Eight: 6$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133913The Last 13 Book Nine: 5$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133937The Last 13 Book Ten: 4$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133951The Last 13 Book Eleven: 3$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133975The Last 13 Book Twelve: 2$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133999The Last 13 Book Thirteen: 1$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545450300Lawless: Book 1$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545391283Legend of Ghost Dog$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133821The Little Knight Who Battled the Rain$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545609692Little Red's Riding 'Hood$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545468022Loot$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128650The Lost Locket$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443139120The Madman of Piney Woods$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685832Magic School Bus Presents: Dinosaurs$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685870Magic School Bus Presents: Insects$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685863Magic School Bus Presents: Polar Animals$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685856Magic School Bus Presents: The Rainforest$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685849Magic School Bus Presents: Volcanoes & Earthquak$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545561549Mark of the Theif$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545788557Mark of the Thief Audio$43.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213155Mary Cassatt (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531219775Michelangelo (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439925457My Grandfather’s Coat$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545576048Naughty Kitty!$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206713Nicaragua$33.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545676465Nnewts Book 1: Escape from the Lizzarks$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545521673Noodle Magic$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531209219Oil Field Worker$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531219768Pablo Picasso (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545316156A Pet for Fly Guy?$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443139243Pig the Pug$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213131Rembrandt (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630092Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot (#1)2-4$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630108Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Mutant Mosq$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630115Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Voodoo Vult2-4$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630122Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monke2-4$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630139Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Jurassic Ja2-4$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545630146Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. the Stupid Stin2-4$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133753Rocket Blues$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205891Rocks$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545639125Rules of Summer$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545521635Scare Scape II$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545679497Scholastic Almanac for Kids 2015$15.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206669Seals$36.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531206720Singapore$33.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545540605Sisters$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531209233Ski Patroller$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205907Soil$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531209240Special Forces Operator$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522465Spirit Animals Book #4: Fire and Ice$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545674041Spirit Animals Book #4: Fire and Ice Audio$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522472Spirit Animals Book #5: Against the Tide$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545727617Spirit Animals Book #5: Against the Tide Audio$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522489Spirit Animals Book #6: Rise and Fall$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545788458Spirit Animals Book #6: Rise and Fall Audio$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545535212Spirit Animals Book #7: Evertree$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545788489Spirit Animals Book #7: Evertree Audio$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545775960Spirit Animals Special Edition: Tales of the Gre$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545615457Surrounded by Sharks$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545751834Teensy Weensy Animals$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545646567Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545656016Thea Stilton and the Missing Myth$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124140Tiger Town$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124157Tiger Trap$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124911Tom Gates: Everything’s Amazing (sort of)$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443124393Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443139342Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats (not)$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133036Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (mostly)$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133661Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some thing$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439853385The Tree House That Jack Built$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133456Tryout Trouble$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133494Ungifted$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545675703Unicorne Files #1: A Dark Inheritance Audio$32.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545608763Unicorne Files #1: A Dark Inheritance$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531211656United States Tennis Association$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545709354Unleashed$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531219782Vincent van Gogh (Revised Edition)$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128322We’re All Friends Here$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531210673Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545733120What If you had Animal Feet$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545627290Whatever After #5: Bad Hair Day$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545627344Whatever After #6: Cold as Ice$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439523554Who Was that Masked Man Anyway?$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531205334Wild Turkeys$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545349239Wings of Fire #1: The Dragonet Prophecy$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545349246Wings of Fire #2: The Lost Heir$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545349253Wings of Fire #3: The Hidden Kingdom$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545349260Wings of Fire #4: The Dark Secret$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545349222Wings of Fire #5: The Brightest Night$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685344Wings of Fire #6: Moon Rising$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443133173A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Geniu$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212189You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Antibiotics!$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213636You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Bacteria!3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212172You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Cell Phones$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212196You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Clean Water!$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213674You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Dentists!3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213650You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Extreme Weathe3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213643You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Fire!3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213629You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Insects!3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531212158You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Toilets!$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531213667You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Vaccinations!3-9$38.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443107884You’re Mean, Lily Jean$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545558693Zoe’s Jungle$18.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443100199In My Enemy’s House7-9$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545722865Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545427647Skinny7-9$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545468107Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545722872After Ever After$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545334808The Secret Tree$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545297158Plunked$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545460927Floors4-6$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439852104The Danger Box4-6$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443119375Curse of the Dream Witch4-6$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545561471Jackpot$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545448673Hideout$7.99Add to Cart
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