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BC Edition ● Grades 1–3

Math Place New BurstMake your classroom a Math Place!
  • 100% match to redesigned BC Curriculum
  • 4 strand kits per grade structured around strands andbig ideas/learning standards
  • Embedded professional learning: math contentknowledge, recent research, assessment criteria
  • Purposeful discussions and 'math talks' in every lesson
  • Balanced instruction focuses on:
    • Conceptual understanding to proficiency with computations and skills
    • Guided, shared, independent instruction inthree-part lessons
    • Problem solving, meaningful math talk, independent practice
    • Connecting concrete, pictorial, and symbolicrepresentations
  • Promotes positive attitudes and growth mindsetstowards math

Diane Stang

Lead Author for Math Place
Diane Stang
Diane Stang is a Canadian educator with 35 years experience. She has been a classroom and special education teacher, a systems resource coach, student achievement officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education, and has developed professional learning math video resources.

Number Sense Resource—Grade 1

Math Place Big and little book versions and box

Big Book and little book version plus 2 math little books

Sample Page from Number Sense Big Book, Grade 1

Sample pages from Number Sense Big Book, Grade 1

Math Place Read Aloud Texts

Read Aloud texts

Math Place Teacher

Teacher's Guide, print and digital teaching support

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