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Rookie Ready to Learn titles help develop young children's language and early reading skills as they engage in topic-rich conversations. Each of the six Rookie Ready to Learn subsets targets three core areas of Early Learning: Social/Emotional Development, Early Literacy Skills, and Math/Numeracy Skills. The All About Me subset focuses on how a child sees himself relative to his contemporaries, community, and family, by focusing on development of self including self awareness and relating to others.

  • A great school readiness resource
  • A book-in-a-book series (storybook and activity pages) where kids and grown-ups go into, through, and beyond reading!
  • Series includes explicit attention to a child's development in Reading Motivation, Print Awareness, Alphabetic Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Narrative Skills, and Language and Vocabulary
  • These books also attend to children's social/emotional development all in the context of family, community, and the world immediately around children, specifically focusing on listening to engaging others, self-awareness, developing a natural curiosity, feelings, adjusting to change, as well as pride in accomplishment.
  • Woven throughout each book are tips and pointers that parents and educators can use to support each child's skills, dispositions, and curiosities.
Tooltip9780531265277Eat Your Peas, Louise!Pre-K$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531267097Eat Your Peas, Louise! (paperback)Pre-K$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531265253I Do Not Want ToPre-K$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531263709Just Like AlwaysPre-K$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531265291Rude RalphPre-K$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531263723So Many Me'sPre-K$30.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531266779So Many Me's (paperback)Pre-K$7.99Add to Cart
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