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    Independent Reading Classroom Library

    Grades K–8

    Perfect for the independent reading portion of your reading program, grades K–6 have guided reading levels.

    Kindergarten (50 books) Levels A–D
    Grade 1 (70 books) Levels A–I
    Grade 2 (80 books) Levels E–N
    Grade 3 (80 books) Levels J–P
    Grade 4 (60 books) Levels M–R
    Grade 5 (60 books) Levels Q–U
    Grade 6 (60 books) Levels V–Z
    Grade 7–8 (60 books)
    Grade 9–12 (30 books)

    Tooltip9780779169641Kindergarten Independent Reading Classroom LibraKindergarten$324.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169658INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR1 (70 BOOKS)1$484.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169665INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR2 (80 B00KS)2$544.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169672INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR3 (80 BOOKS)3$544.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169689INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR4 (60 BOOKS)4$444.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169696INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR5 12 (60 BOOKS)5$444.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9780779169702INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR6 (60 BOOKS)6$444.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9781443004640INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR 7/87-8$549.99STDRENTRYA
    Tooltip9781443027199INDEPENDENT CLASSROOM LIB GR9-12 (30 BOOKS)9-12$324.99STDRENTRYA
    486791045799645.000WPRDLSTYNNYYNNNNYYNNYSCHTM & C 2009 SCHOLASTIC Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.Independent Reading Classroom Libraries00000000000291SCH/LIST_ADD_TO_CART.GIF/IMAGES/SCH/CHECKOUT.GIFSCH/LIST_ADD_TO_CART.GIFSCH/CHECKOUT.GIFSCH/CHECKOUT.GIF9781443027199SUN, 21-NOV-2021 18:57:57 GMT010000000101EDUCATION.SCHOLASTIC.CAC0008001220009IND_READING_CLASS_LIBRARIESIND_READING_CLASS_LIBRARIES1<div style='width: 575px; padding-left: 10px;'><font size='3'><span style='font-weight: bold;'>Independent Reading Classroom Library</span></font><br style='font-weight: bold;' /><br style='font-weight: bold;' /><font size='2'><span style='font-weight: bold;'>Grades K&ndash;8</span><br /><br /></font><font size='2'><span style='font-weight: bold; color: rgb(204, 0, 0);'>Perfect for the independent reading portion of your reading program, grades K&ndash;6 have guided reading levels.</span><br /><br /></font><!--IF ANOTHER SUBSTITUTE BOOK LIST IS CREATED, REACTIVATE THE BELOW SECTION AND ADD NEW PDF--><!--<div style='border: 2px solid red; padding: 5px; width: 200px; float: right; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;'><a href=''><img src='' style='border: 0px none; float: right; margin-right: 5px;' /></a><font size='2'>The books in each collection are subject to change without notice. <a href=''>Download this list</a>, or click on the PDF icon to see the guided reading levels for substitute books.</font></div>--><table width='300' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5' border='0'> <tbody> <tr bgcolor='#dddddd'> <td><font size='2'>Kindergarten (50 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'>Levels A&ndash;D</font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><font size='2'>Grade 1 (70 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'> Levels A&ndash;I</font></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor='#dddddd'> <td><font size='2'>Grade 2 (80 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'> Levels E&ndash;N</font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><font size='2'>Grade 3 (80 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'>Levels J&ndash;P</font></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor='#dddddd'> <td><font size='2'>Grade 4 (60 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'>Levels M&ndash;R</font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><font size='2'>Grade 5 (60 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'>Levels Q&ndash;U</font></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor='#dddddd'> <td><font size='2'>Grade 6 (60 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'>Levels V&ndash;Z</font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><font size='2'>Grade 7&ndash;8 (60 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'></font><br /></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor='#dddddd'> <td><font size='2'>Grade 9&ndash;12 (30 books)</font></td> <td><font size='2'></font><br /></td> </tr> </tbody></table></div><p> </p>
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    TM & C 2009 SCHOLASTIC Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.