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New French Edition BurstHumorous early chapter books that are perfect for guided and independent reading!

Grades 2–4

Sprint book covers and interior spread
16 books that increase in challenge and Guided Reading Levels

Sprint includes many stories set in the home, school, or community where engaging characters face underlying issues relating to respect, friendship, caring, sharing, and honesty.
  • These books are filled with stunning full-colour illustrations
  • Text types include contemporary fiction, mystery, fantasy, and adventure stories
  • Whimsical font treatments emphasize words and add a sense of fun
  • Characters are introduced at the beginning of each book to develop empathy and familiarity

28 pages each • Guided Reading Levels H–K
  • Papa est malade—H
  • Rafi le champion—H
  • Zoé Fouinard et le mystère du son étrange—H
  • Papa a disparu—I
  • Philou le génie—I
  • N'interromps pas les autres!—I
  • Le nouveau—I
  • Superhamster - La naissance d'un héros—I
  • La bonne idée de Strom—J
  • Le journal d'un malpropre—J
  • Le roi Puant—J
  • Sauvons le monde!—J
  • Superhamster et les agents de l'UMSH—J
  • Lis-moi tout de suite!—K
  • Tigrou et Pouki—K
  • Le zoo en folie—K

Click here for a PDF list of book titles and their corresponding guided reading levels.

Tooltip9781443053778Sprint - Trousse complète$840.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053761Sprint - Emballage de bibliothèque$140.00Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053631Sprint: Papa est malade$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053600Sprint: Rafi le champion$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053716Sprint: Zoé Fouinard et le mystère du son étrang$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053624Sprint: Papa a disparu$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053617Sprint: Philou le génie$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053655Sprint: N'interromps pas les autres!$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053693Sprint: Le nouveau$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053679Sprint: Superhamster - La naissance d'un héros$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053747Sprint: La bonne idée de Strom$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053648Sprint: Le journal d'un malpropre$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053686Sprint: Le roi Puant$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053723Sprint: Sauvons le monde!$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053662Sprint: Superhamster et les agents de l'UMSH$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053709Sprint: Lis-moi tout de suite!$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053730Sprint: Tigrou et Pouki$52.50Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443053754Sprint: Le zoo en folie$52.50Add to Cart
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