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Explorons la science Logo

Grades 1–2

A science resource that emphasizes 'doing' by providing opportunities for students to explore their curiosityLet

Explorons la science is a set of science resources that provides all the major components necessary for effective science teaching. This makes it easy for you to offer the hands-on experiences your students require to explore and investigate their world, and to develop key science process skills such as observing, ordering, predicting, interpreting, and communicating. It supports students as they learn to ask and answer effective questions, think creatively, make decisions, and solve problems more independently.

Each unit includes:

• Science cards—include colourful photographs and illustrations. The cards stimulate and support all levels of students as they work through the units.

• Read Aloud texts—stimulate learning and introduce and engage students with science concepts related to the unit.

• Science library—A collection of fiction and non-fiction titles connecting to the science concepts of each unit. These engaging texts offer reference information and extensions and span a range of reading levels, offering support for all of your students.

• Classroom posters—Two classroom posters are included—Les étapes de la recherche and Les étapes de la conception. Each poster outlines the processes in clear, student-friendly language in order to help students use inquiry to address questions about the nature of things, and to seek answers to practical problems using the design process.

• Teacher's Guides—provide everything you need to manage science learning in your classroom (teaching plans; student self-assessment; teacher assessment and rubrics; additional resources).

• Teacher's Website with:
  • An Anchor Video
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  • Image Bank
  • Science Library Guide

    Tooltip9781443043151Module 1 : Les changements quotidiens et saisonn1$360.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443043168Module 2 : Les matériaux et nos sens1$350.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443043175Module 3 : Les propriétés des objets et des maté1$350.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443043182Module 4 : Les besoins et les caractéristiques d1$370.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443047586Module 1 : L'air et l'eau dans l'environnement2$385.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443047593Module 2 : Les liquides et les solides2$365.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443047609Module 3 : La position relative et le mouvement2$380.00Add to Cart
    Tooltip9781443047616Module 4 : La croissance et les changements des2$425.00Add to Cart
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