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Grades 7–12
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is21videoVideo introduction to Issues 21, featuring Series Editor
Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

Issues 21 is a dynamic, cutting-edge literacy series that dares students to imagine a world where change is possible and, when equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and tools, they can make it happen.

Issues 21 offers teachers the resources they need to meet content and literacy needs while making learning provocative and meaningful. Each book features an essential question that provokes an examination of an issue from different perspectives. Students will have opportunities to discover innovative ways of understanding, confronting, and addressing issues they really care about; and to develop 21st century competencies: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, character, and ethical citizenship.

There are four categories: Health, Environment, Human Rights, and Culture & Media, allowing the resource to be used in multiple curriculum areas. All of the 24 titles offer engaging, thought-provoking texts and visuals such as mind maps, graphics, and photographs. Each book is divided into three sections:

• Step 1—The Issue
• Step 2—Game Changers
• Step 3—Take Action

The teaching support focuses on questions that address the intersection of curriculum, identity and self, and social justice.

Each student book...

Is an interdisciplinary resource raising issues that build on literacy, media literacy, science, social studies, and math.

Develops 21st century skills, as well as crucial reading, writing, and oral communication skills necessary to navigate today’s rapidly changing media-driven environment.
Promotes an inquiry approach to engage and deepen student understanding.
Integrates a social justice piece where students will evaluate existing power structures, events, and practices from multiple perspectives; they will make decisions and take action to address issues personally, locally, and globally.

Creates opportunities for students to discover innovative ways of understanding, confronting, and addressing issues they care about.

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Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, PH.D, Issues 21 Series Editor, from Engaging Readers & Writers With Inquiry Inquiry inducts students into a community of practice; they come to think and act more like people who work with the disciplines of math, science, social science, ethics, literature, philosophy, government.”
- Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, PH.D, Issues 21 Series Editor, from Engaging Readers & Writers With Inquiry

Set 1

Health Environment Human Rights Culture & Media
Food Energy Children's Rights Digital World
Do you know what you're eating and what it's doing to you? How can we power our world without destroying it? Why are children still being exploited in the 21st century? How has the digital era helped or hurt our society?
Pandemic Biodiversity Poverty Power of Media
How can we avoid a pandemic? Why should we be
concerned about the loss of biodiversity?
Why does poverty exist and whose problem is it? How does media affect our lives?

Set 2

Food Industry Overfishing Justice Violence in the Media
What is responsible food production? How important is
sustainable fishing?
How fair is our
justice system?
What are the consequences of media violence?
Threats to Health Climate Change Discrimintation Consumer Culture
How does our lifestyle threaten our health? How can we address the causes and effects of climate change? What prevents us from accepting everyone as they are? What are we buying,
and why do we think we need it?

Set 3

Mental Health Ocean Pollution Freedom vs. Security Censorship
What are the costs of ignoring mental illness? Why should we care about the destruction of our oceans? How can we balance freedom and security? Why do we have
Genetic Engineering Overpopulation Oppresion of Women Corruption
How do we balance scientific advances with ethical decisions? How far can we push
our planet?
How can we bring an end to the oppression of women?

How does corruption
affect society?

Check our website or call customer service for pricing and configuration information as new sets become available!
Chain Reaction Global Impact
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Consultants (please click names for more information)

Stephen Lewis: Social Justice Consultant

Stephen Lewis is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto. He is the board chair of the Stephen Lewis Foundation and he is co-founder and co-director of AIDS-Free World. Mr. Lewis is a Senior Fellow of the Enough Project. He was the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa from 2001 until 2006. He served as Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF in New York from 1995 to 1999. And he was Canada’s Ambassador to the UN from 1984 to 1988. In 2003, Stephen Lewis was appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada.

Dr. Barry Wellman: Culture & Media Specialist

Sociologist Dr. Barry Wellman directs NetLab at the University of Toronto's iSchool. The co-author of the award-winning Networked: The New Social Operating System, Wellman has written more than 200 articles and developed four books. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and the winner of outstanding career contribution awards from the American Sociological Association, the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology
Association, and the International Communication Association. He founded the International Network for Social Network Analysis in 1976, and is best known now for his studies of how social networks link with the internet and mobile devices.

Dr. Alex T. Bielak: Environment Consultant

Now heading his own consultancy Dr. Bielak previously held senior positions with the U.N., various government departments, and NGOs working in the natural resources and environment field. An alumnus of the Banff Centre’s inaugural Science Communications Residency, his expertise is sought worldwide as an authority on science communications, science-policy linkages, and knowledge translation and brokering.

His numerous awards include a '2013 Citation of Excellence' recognizing 'outstanding innovation demonstrated in connecting people to science'. Still actively involved with a variety of organizations as an expert advisor, Alex continues to publish on a number of topics in various media, including authoring a regular Food and Wine column.

Dr. Janet Nairne: Health Consultant

Dr. Janet Nairn is a family doctor in Guelph, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1987. She worked in New Zealand for a year and then established her practice in Guelph. She looks after patients of all ages and in all stages of health and disease.

Dr. Nairn teaches clinical skills to medical students as they accompany her in her office. She is also an Investigating Coroner in the province of Ontario, which means she determines the manner of death in sudden, unexplained deaths.

Her other interests include skiing, hiking, kayaking and scuba diving.

Robyn Michaud-Turgeon: FNMI Consultant

Robyn Michaud-Turgeon, M.Ed. (Anishinaabe) is a teacher, author and curriculum consultant specializing in ESL and Aboriginal Education. She has worked on several provincial and national projects for various major stakeholders to promote Aboriginal perspectives across the curriculum, as well as create safe and culturally-relevant spaces for Aboriginal students within the public education system. Outside of her consulting work, she currently teaches for the Thames Valley District School Board and Western University in London, Ontario.
For provincial curriculum correlations:

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Tooltip9781443029452Energy 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029476Biodiversity in Crisis 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029483Poverty 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
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Tooltip9781443029544Violence in the Media 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029582Consumer Culture 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029605Mental Health 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029643Genetic Engineering 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029612Ocean Pollution 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029650Overpopulation 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029629Freedom vs. Security 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029636Censorship 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443029674Corruption 16-pack7-12$350.25Add to Cart
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Tooltip9781443038287Food 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
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Tooltip9781443038300Pandemic 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038317Biodiversity 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038324Poverty 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
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Tooltip9781443038348Digital World 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
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Tooltip9781443038430Food Industry 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038447Mental Health 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038454Ocean Pollution 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038461Freedom vs. Security 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038478Censorship 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443038485Genetic Engineering 6-pack7-12$159.25Add to Cart
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