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Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner is an innovative resource that builds on the rich tradition of classroom and library storytimes—introducing children to a world of sights, sounds, and words to delight!

Cozy Corner combines storytime, music, and active talk to give preschoolers and early start on language, literacy, and social and emotional development.

You can use Cozy Corner in the classroom, the library, or early learning centre. With Cozy Corner you can provide the foundation children need to succeed in kindergarten—and beyond—by focusing on proven language and literacy skills: developing narrative skills, vocabulary, alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, print awareness and print motivation.

1 Resource Kit including

  • 1 flip chart featuring popular nursery rhymes for sharing
  • 64-page Program Guide
    • Plans for running the Storytime Themes
    • Research-based best practices
    • Community outreach strategies
    • Take-home activities
    • ELL and assessment support
    • Scope and sequence chart
    • Additional theme ideas
  • Oversized big book plastic carrying bag

Each Storytime Theme Pack includes

  • 1 big book for shared reading
  • 2 read-aloud books (including award-winning classics, new, and multi-cultural titles)
  • 4-page Storytime Plan including story conversation, action songs and rhymes, and extension activities
  • 2 Story Character Card punch-outs featuring main characters for children to retell the story in their own way
  • 1 mini-poster to invite children and adults to participate in story time
  • 1 Putumayo Kids music CD to set the mood for each Storytime and support music and movement activities with songs from a variety of cultural traditions
  • Oversized big book plastic carrying bag

Cozy Corner Chart

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