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Grades 1–3

New for B.C. BurstA science resource developed for B.C.
to meet learning standards and curricular-competencies
B.C. Let

Let's Do Science supports B.C. teachers by giving their students opportunities to:

  • explore new ideas
  • foster their curiosity
  • connect science concepts to their world
  • develop science skills and core competencies

Each unit includes:

• 4–6 double-sided Science Cards with colourful photographs or illustrations to stimulate and support all students as they work through the unit.

• 1–2 Read Alouds to stimulate learning and introduce and engage students with science concepts related to the unit.

• Science library of fiction and non-fiction books that connect to the science concepts in the unit. The books span a range of reading levels and can be used in a variety of ways including Read Aloud, research, and independent reading.

• Teacher's Guide that provides the support teachers need to manage science learning. The guide includes teaching plans, student self-assessment, teacher assessment, and rubrics.

Let's Do Science Teacher Website with:
  • Anchor video
  • Interactive whiteboard activities
  • Image bank
  • Digital versions of the Science Cards

  • • 2 Posters:
  • 1 Inquiry Process poster
  • 1 Design Process poster
  • More units coming soon!

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