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Tooltip9781443157919Blackflies$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163187The Enormous Suitcase$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443113182Finding Christmas$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163026Picture the Sky$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163064Picture a Tree$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545619431Bizzy Mizz Lizzie$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443100991Twinkle$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338157857Sleepy Bird$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545204330Boo Hoo Bird$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545970952Pirate Jamboree$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338130225The Sky is Falling!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545920209The Tree House That Jack Built$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443142892Pig the Winner$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148153Thelma the Unicorn$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545402873There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books!$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439471091There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338172935Chickens to the Rescue$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338162356What This Story Needs Is a Munch and a Crunch$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338129960The Ninjabread Man$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338203868Hensel and Gretel: Ninja Chicks$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338268966The Little Red Fort$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338118735Little Red Gliding Hood$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545964531R is For Robot: A Noisy Alphabet$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545544214Z is for Moose$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163132The Very Brave Bear$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163101The Very Cranky Bear$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163118The Very Itchy Bear$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545708685Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128872Feathers$14.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443107518The Good-Pie Party$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157216The Heart’s Song$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157261Hop Into Bed!$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338166903I Can Be Anything!$23.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443139199I Quit Grade One!$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157636If You’re Thankful and You Know It$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338101157Mother Bruce$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338188455Playing From the Heart$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157940Twig$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338187373Unplugged$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338053142Why Am I Me?$23.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545865029The Word Collector$21.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781459820012You Hold Me UpKindergarten-3$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338101089What If You Had Animal Eyes!?$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545556088Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338166125Grow! Raise! Catch!: How We Get Our Food$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338128529My Autumn Book$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338038392Fact Attack #1: The Wacky World of Living Things$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338041866Fact Attack #2: Byte-Sized World of Technology$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531228616Rookie Read-About Science: The Universe: Earth$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531228623Rookie Read-About Science: The Universe: The Moo$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531229811Rookie Read-About Science: The Universe: The Sta$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531229835Rookie Read-About Science: The Universe: The Sun$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338112184Explore My World: Clouds$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338156461Explore My World: Honey Bees$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338112207Explore My World: Koalas$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338112160Explore My World: Planets$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338112153Explore My World: Tigers$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338112221Explore My World: A Tree Grows Up$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545778138Fly Guy Presents: Bats$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545631594Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545631600Fly Guy Presents: Firefighters$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545757140Fly Guy Presents: Insects$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545507714Fly Guy Presents: Sharks$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545564922Fly Guy Presents: Space$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531238806Rookie Star: MakerSpace Projects: I Can Make Exc$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531238813Rookie Star: MakerSpace Projects: I Can Make Fan$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531238820Rookie Star: MakerSpace Projects: I Can Make Mar$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531238790Rookie Star: MakerSpace Projects: I Can Make Rem$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338130584National Geographic Kids Readers: Giraffes$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338185096National Geographic Kids Readers: Wild Cats$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545854818National Geographic Kids Readers: Alligators and$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545703055The Boy Who Loved Math$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545682640Mice Mischief$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338087857Place Value$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545331036Ten on the Sled$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338139297Circles$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443107860Goodnight, Canada$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163040I Am Canada$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157230Thank You, Canada$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157254Take Me Out to the Ice Rink$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338152005Beautiful$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338152982When Sophie Thinks She Can’t$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338033953The Feelings Book$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338173079Are We Still Friends?$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338196641Explorers of the Wild$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338114027How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338200416Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338158366Thank You, Mr. Panda$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780590622189City Green$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545964524Last Stop on Market Street$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338188479Peace is an Offering$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545741033Weslandia$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338088175What Does It Mean to Be Kind?$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338245479Living in Australia$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338136746Living in China$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338245462Living in Egypt$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338136760Living in India$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338136739Living in Italy$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338136777Living in South Africa$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545859035If Kids Ran the World$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338151961A Piece of Home$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338163551Red Kite, Blue Kite$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338188554The Water Princess$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545935210Dog Man #3: A Tale of Two Kitties$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545935180Dog Man #4: Dog Man and Cat Kid$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338055085Unicorn in New York #1: Louie Lets Loose!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338055122Unicorn in New York #2: Louie Takes the Stage!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338055153Unicorn in New York #3: Louie in a Spin!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338055184Unicorn in New York #4: Louie Makes a Splash!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545788007The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338037661The Chicken Squad: The Case of the Weird Blue Ch$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338189360The Chicken Squad: Into the Wild: Yet Another Mi$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545913430Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338048667Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338221275Hamster Princess: Ratpunzel$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338087499The Bad Guys #3: The Furball Strikes Back$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338087536The Bad Guys #4: The Bad Guys in Attack of the Z$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338189575The Bad Guys #5: The Bad Guys in Intergalactic G$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545909839Ranger in Time #6: Escape from the Great Earthqu$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338141559Branches: Hilde Cracks the Case #1: Hero Dog!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338141580Branches: Hilde Cracks the Case #2: Bear on the$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338141610Branches: Hilde Cracks the Case #3: Fire! Fire!$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338122138Branches: The Last Firehawk #1: The Ember Stone$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338122510Branches: The Last Firehawk #2: The Crystal Cave$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338122558Branches: The Last Firehawk #3: The Whispering O$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338194456Branches: The Magic School Bus Rides Again #1: S$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338194449Branches: The Magic School Bus Rides Again #2: M$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338194463Branches: The Magic School Bus Rides Again #3: C$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338034523Branches: The Notebook of Doom #12: March of the$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338034561Branches: The Notebook of Doom #13: Battle of th$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338042924Branches: Dragon Masters #8: Roar of the Thunder$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338169867Branches: Dragon Masters #9: Chill of the Ice Dr$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338042849Branches: Owl Diaries #6: Baxter is Missing$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338163001Branches: Owl Diaries #7: The Wildwood Bakery$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338163032Branches: Owl Diaries #8: Eva and the Lost Pony$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545645324Thea Stilton: Mouseford Academy #1: Drama at Mou$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545645331Thea Stilton: Mouseford Academy #2: The Missing$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338087864Thea Stilton #25: Thea Stilton and the Frozen Fi$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338159233Thea Stilton #26: Thea Stilton and the Venice Ma$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338215199Geronimo Stilton #68: Cyber-Thief Showdown$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338215045Geronimo Stilton: Spacemice #12: The Invisible P$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338215151Geronimo Stilton: Micekings #7: The Dragon Crown$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338134049The Dinosaur Disaster$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338194388Fearless Freddie$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338054675Engineers Build Models$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545909136Engineers Solve Problems$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781481411028Freckle Juice$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545932295Let's Do a Thing!: Victor Shmud, Total Expert #1$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338185546Peter Powers and His Not-So-Super Powers!$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338132014Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World's Pe$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443158008How to Be Brave$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148245Notes from the Life of a Total Genius$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157650Winter in Canada: Machines$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157674Winter in Canada: Sports$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148269Tom Gates: Family, Friends, and Furry Creatures$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157384Tom Gates: Dog Zombies Rule (For Now)$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545746632Whatever After #8: Once Upon a Frog$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545851039Whatever After #9: Genie in a Bottle$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545746649Whatever After Special Edition: Abby in Wonderla$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545875745Star Wars: Jedi Academy #5: The Force Oversleeps$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545912549House of Robots: House of Robots$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338138825House of Robots: Robots Go Wild!$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545916783Horizon #1: Horizon$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338121414Horizon #2: Deadzone$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338187014Horizon #3: A Warp in Time$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545685474Wings of Fire #10: Darkness of Dragons$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338053623Wings of Fire Legends: Darkstalker$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338068283Goosebumps Slappyworld #1: Slappy Birthday to Yo$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338068368Goosebumps Slappyworld #2: Attack of the Jack$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338068399Goosebumps Slappyworld #3: I Am Slappy’s Evil Tw$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338068474Goosebumps Slappyworld #4: Please Do Not Feed th$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338033120DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #3: Detention of$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338131277I Survived: True Stories: Five Epic Disasters$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338171495I Survived: True Stories: Nature Attacks!$5.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148818Haunted Canada 7: Chilling True Tales$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163071Countdown to Danger: Deadly Heist$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338116656Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts #5: Heart of$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338116670Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts #6: The Wildc$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338116694Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts #7: Stormspea$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338067118The Baby-Sitters Club #5: Dawn and the Impossibl$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545838726Cleopatra in Space #4: The Golden Lion$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545826082Dream Jumper #2: Curse of the Harvester$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545861441Swindle: Jingle$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545800501Upside Down Magic #2: Sticks & Stones$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545800549Upside Down Magic #3: Showing Off$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338111156Upside Down Magic #4: Dragon Overnight$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545900348The Erth Dragons: The Wearle$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545900577The Erth Dragons: Dark Wyng$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545941518The Wish List: Worst Fairy Godmother Ever!$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545683043Bears of the Ice #1: The Quest of the Cubs$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545853477Beetle Boy$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338166453Braced$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338188431The Elephant Thief$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545934985Extraordinary$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545690850Foxcraft #2: The Elders$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545690874Foxcraft #3: The Mage$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148733Listen for the Singing$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545812573George$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545071826Hachiko Waits$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338216660Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338053807Restart$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545823166Slacker$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545665827Some Kind of Courage$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338216226Me and Marvin Gardens$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338032307Mission Mumbai$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443146609Mine!$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148689Whiteout$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545682442A Night Divided$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338161182Pixel Raiders #1: Dig World$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338194579Pugs and Kisses$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338110791Save Me a Seat$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780439796583Twice Upon a Time: Sleeping Beauty4-6$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338185270Wed Wabbit$23.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338132748Evil Emperor Penguin$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338176865Bunny vs. Monkey: Book #3$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338206791The Phoenix Colossal Comics Collection: Volume O$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545942157Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #1: The Dragonet Pro$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545676700Nnewts #3: The Battle for Amphibopolis$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545741729Swing It, Sunny$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338029468Sparks! This Super Dog is the Cat’s Meow!$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157780Amazing Hockey Stories: Connor McDavid$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148672The Big Book of Hockey for Kids, 2nd Edition$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443104647Hockey Superstars 2017–2018$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128865Laugh Out Loud Canadian Jokes$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338132731How to Make Awesome Comics$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338136890Marley Dias Gets It Done (And So Can You!)$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338200270Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 2018 Edition$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545814195Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545442565Nat Geo Kids: Everything Series: Sharks$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545697002Nat Geo Kids: Everything Series: Dinosaurs$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545615426Nat Geo Kids: Everything Series: Pets$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780531222416Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers L$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545925525Shadow House #3: No Way Out$16.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545562089Mark of the Thief #3: Wrath of the Storm$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545655019Embassy Row #3: Take the Key and Lock Her Up$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545953191Umberland$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545831970Vega Jane #3: The Width of the World$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338208184Amina’s Voice$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338216189Don’t Cosplay with My Heart$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338129304Hurricane Child$23.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157094Haunted: The House Next Door$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157124Haunted: Kill Screen$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338160659In Case You Missed It$12.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522328The Magisterium Book 3: The Bronze Key$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545522366The Magisterium Book 4: The Silver Mask$23.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443142632The Journey of Little Charlie$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338117004Mayday$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157155Supergifted$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338196382Rescued$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338159318Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545880831Refugee$22.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338229684This Is Just a Test$9.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148382The Way Back Home$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148863The Winnowing$10.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443104012Young Man With Camera$11.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443107303Making Bombs for Hitler7-9$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443128391Don’t Tell the Enemy$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781338135640Outcasts United The Story of a Refugee Soccer Te$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781459818170Speaking Our Truth7-9$19.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9780545771580Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas$13.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163309Countdown to Danger #4: Canadian Survival$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148832Haunted Canada 8: More Chilling True Tales$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443142908Hugs$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157568My Deal with the Universe$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148320The Scarecrows' Wedding$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443119474Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Chris Hadfield$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443113519Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Viola Desmond$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443157544Stego-cumulus$7.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148702Stress Less: Tips and Tools to Help You Chill$6.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443148993Tabby McTat$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163385Pig the Star$8.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163125The Very Hungry Bear$4.99Add to Cart
Tooltip9781443163149The Very Noisy Bear$4.99Add to Cart
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