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    ISBN: 9781443036467
    Price: $185.50
    Title:Literacy Place Levelled Collections I–J
    A Guide to New Kittens (level I)
    Giant at the Gate (level I)
    Come Home, Bailey (level I)
    Hop! Spring! Leap! Animals That Jump (level I)
    The Sleepover (level I)
    Too Ba-a-ad! (level I)
    The Trouble with Geese (level I)
    Tyler’s Teacher (level I)
    Just Cheese, Please! (level I)
    Meet The Safety Helpers (level I)
    A Most Unusal Pet (level I)
    African Dance Class (level I)
    Aunt Maud’s Mittens (level I)
    Going Fishing (level I)
    My Monster Week (level J)
    Five Senses Zoo Tour (level J)
    Getting Ready for Winter (level J)
    Tyler's New Friends (level J)
    A Wild Eagle Needs a Beak (level J)
    Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away (level J)
    Out in Space (level J)
    Whales (level J)
    Ali Runs With the Pack (level J)
    Ants Belong Outside (level J)
    Hickory's Problem (level J)
    Keep Us Clean (level J)
    Why Is it Called Moose Meadow? (level J)
    Zest for Life (level J)
    Grade Level:    1-3
    Guided Reading Level:    I-J
    Topic:    Independent Reading, Levelled Texts
    Curriculum Links:    Language Arts
    Format:    collection

    953275532086525.000WPRDPGEYNNNYNNNYYYNNYSCHTM & C 2009 SCHOLASTIC Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.Literacy Place Levelled Collections I–J00000000001178SCH/LIST_ADD_TO_CART.GIF/IMAGES/SCH/CHECKOUT.GIFSCH/LIST_ADD_TO_CART.GIFSCH/CHECKOUT.GIFSCH/CHECKOUT.GIFN0000000067FRI, 18-OCT-2019 15:34:28 GMTN01EDUCATION.SCHOLASTIC.CAC9781443036467/IMAGES/SCHITEM/DETAIL/9781443036467.jpg185.500A Guide to New Kittens (level I)<br>Giant at the Gate (level I)<br>Come Home, Bailey (level I)<br>Hop! Spring! Leap! Animals That Jump (level I)<br>The Sleepover (level I)<br>Too Ba-a-ad! (level I)<br>The Trouble with Geese (level I)<br>Tyler’s Teacher (level I)<br>Just Cheese, Please! (level I)<br>Meet The Safety Helpers (level I)<br>A Most Unusal Pet (level I)<br>African Dance Class (level I)<br>Aunt Maud’s Mittens (level I)<br>Going Fishing (level I)<br>My Monster Week (level J)<br>Five Senses Zoo Tour (level J)<br>Getting Ready for Winter (level J)<br>Tyler's New Friends (level J)<br>A Wild Eagle Needs a Beak (level J)<br>Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away (level J)<br>Out in Space (level J)<br>Whales (level J)<br>Ali Runs With the Pack (level J)<br>Ants Belong Outside (level J)<br>Hickory's Problem (level J)<br>Keep Us Clean (level J)<br>Why Is it Called Moose Meadow? (level J)<br>Zest for Life (level J)<br>.0000000Literacy Place Levelled Collections I–J9781443036467NN0N
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    TM & C 2009 SCHOLASTIC Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.