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Zorbit Kindergarten–Grade 3

Learn Math With These Engaging Online Games!

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Screen capture from Zorbit Zorbit's Math Adventure is a game-based learning program for K–3 math created by a team of experienced educators and game designers. The curriculum-based math activities engage young learners in rich, immersive environments that are cognitively and developmentally appropriate for their age. Aligned to all curricula within Canada, Zorbit's also provides teachers with a suite of tools and resources to help close learning gaps and differentiate instruction.

Reporting screen capture from Zorbit Features:

  • Engaging activities with interesting storylines that provide meaningful context for problem solving
  • The math closely aligns with provincial math curriculum, and conceptual understanding of the expectations is supported through the use of visual representations that promote spatial reasoning
  • Levels build in complexity and are based on how students developmentally acquire certain mathematical concepts
  • Activities offer the practice necessary to reinforce and consolidate mathematical understanding
  • Features, like colour-coding and verbal descriptive feedback, are embedded to support all learners, and particularly students with learning disabilities and/or special needs
  • Game activity is tracked so teachers can assess both individual and class progress—based on this information, the technology generates success plans, which can be used in conjunction with the recommended support activities in order to plan next steps

Technical Information:

* Book Fair Product Rewards cannot be used to purchase Zorbit's Math Adventure

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