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    Community Ties Writers
    Community Ties Student Book CoverFamily and Community
    In-house editor

    Who Are First Nations?
    Suzanne Methot, Nēhiyaw

    Who Are Inuit?
    Katherine Minich, Inuit

    Who Are the Métis?
    Jaime Koebel, Métis

    Our Ties to the Land
    Colinda Clyne, Anishinaabe

    A Treaty Is a Promise
    In-house editor

    Where I Live
    Kim Cooper

    A Way to Organize Community
    Joe Restoule-General (Anishinaabe) and Aisha Restoule-General (Kanien'kehá:ka)
    • Artist: Megan General, Kanien'kehá:ka

    Cultural Practices
    Colinda Clyne, Anishinaabe

    My Day at the Powwow
    Lisa Charleyboy, Tsilhqot'in
    • Photographer: Michael Dubois, Saulteaux

    Elders Speak
    Suzanne Methot, Nēhiyaw

    Telling Stories
    Suzanne Methot, Nēhiyaw

    Far From Home
    Lisa Charleyboy, Tsilhqot'in

    How Do You Say...?
    In-house editor

    What Is Reconciliation?
    Lisa Charleyboy, Tsilhqot'in /Tara Harte

    The ACT CLUB
    Jay Odjick, Algonquin

    Let's Change Things!
    In-house editor

    Learn, Care, Do!
    In-house editor

    *Please note that each article was reviewed and approved by the Advisory Team as well as reviewed by other Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) educators.

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