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Kindergarten-Grade 3

An online teaching
resource that brings
Shared Reading into
the 21st century!

Literacy Place
Shared eReading
at a Glance
Quick links to any pages with the drop down menu
    Teaching Plans for Each Shared eBook
  • Available as a PDF link
  • Lesson Plans reflect the digital teaching
  • focus on two or three reading strategies
  • include suggestions for before, during,
    and after reading activities
  • Curriculum correlations for every province and territory are available
Read Along highlights
words as the story is
read aloud
Each book has animation,
non-fiction video, or photos to
engage students
  • Controlled by a button so that
    it doesn't interrupt the flow
    of the reading or a lesson
  • Music or songs
    included with
    many eBooks
  • Pen for teacher to highlight
    words, word-parts, punctuation,
    or other text features
  • Cloze tool to visually hide
    words on screen
  • Literacy Place for the Early Years is the most popular literacy resource in Canada and now all the Shared Reading Texts are available digitally online!

    60 titles sold in grade packs! Click items below to see complete list:
    Kindergarten—24 Titles
    9-1-1 Quack!
    An Alien Birthday Includes song!
    All Together Now Includes songs!
    Benny's Special Day
    'But, Mom...'
    Clean Up Litter
    Do You See Colours?
    The Gingerbread Kids
    Going to the Park With Grandpa
    The Grasshopper and the Ant Includes song!
    Hair Heads
    Helping Grandma
    It's My World
    Just Imagine ABC
    The Little Turtle Includes song!
    My Puppy
    Problem at the Park
    Say It Out Loud! Includes songs!
    See What We Can Do!
    Somebody Cared for a Flower
    What Am I?
    Where Are the Bears?
    Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Includes song!
    Grade 1—16 Titles
    Art for the Birds
    The Best Pet Includes song!
    Birthday Party Pandamonium
    Bubblegum, Books, and Bugs Includes songs!
    The Bug Hotel Includes song!
    Camping at the Lake
    Daytime, Nighttime
    Happiness Includes song!
    Hey Diddle Diddle Includes song!
    How to be an Eco Class
    I Promise
    Is This a Moose?
    Let's Join In! Includes songs!
    Making Ice Cream
    Move Like the Animals
    School Days
    What Do You Do in the Cold? Includes song!
    Grade 2—17 Titles
    3-2-1 Blast Off!
    The 10 Best Things About Canada
    An Early Worm Got Out of Bed Includes songs!
    Antonio's Music Includes music!
    Between Friends
    'Come to the Pow-wow!' Includes music!
    Explore! Magazine: Water
    Goldie Locks and the Three Bears Includes song!
    Helper Animals
    How Anansi Outsmarted Snake
    An Interview with Tololwa M. Mollel
    The Inuksuk
    Let's Celebrate!
    A Monster Wrote Me a Letter
    Pet Parade
    Should Children Choose Their Bedtimes?
    The Thing I Saw Last Night Includes song!

    Grade 3—12 Titles
    A Curious Case of Poetry>
    Be a Sport!
    Big Bad Bertha
    Bringing Characters to Life
    I Live in the North
    I Swallowed a Gnat! Includes songs!
    Magnetic Racetrack
    Pirate Lee Includes song!
    Summer Camping in Nova Scotia
    Thank You, Mr. T
    Three Easy Steps to Getting a Dog

    Literacy Place Shared eReading will be available through Scholastic Learning Zone in Fall 2013!
    An online learning platform that includes:
  • Classroom and management-organize students intoclasses and groups
  • Messaging- communicate with administration, teachers, students, and parents
  • Reporting-early monitor student usage
  • 24/7access at home, at school, or anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Available in annual subscriptions. For pricing please call your local sales consulatant.
    Perfect for
    White Boards
    and iPads!


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