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Real-World Math for Students in Grades 3–8!
Cover images and spread of titles Pizza Party! and Wild Weird. Image of USB key with MathWise logo on it. MathWise is a collection of 30 levelled books with engaging topics that will help students see math in the world around them! Each 5-pack comes with a lesson plan for teachers that focuses on the real-world context of the math concept in the book.

Student Books
The 30 MathWise books (18 non-fiction, 12 fiction) range in levels from M to T, and are written at the appropriate level for the grade level of the math concepts.

  • Engaging topics include: extreme sports, making money, animals, and the environment
  • Numeracy and literacy are integrated with connections to other disciplines such as financial literacy and science
  • Grade Packs come with digital versions of the books for that grade on a media key

Lesson Plans

  • Strategies for use with whole-group, small-group, partners, and independent work
  • Focus on math in real world contexts
  • Highlight math skills and concepts addressed in the book, critical thinking discussions, vocabulary, and math activities
  • Each three-part lesson includes:
    • Ideas for introducing and discussing the book
    • Hands-on math activities to reinforce learning
    • Group discussion and reflection on the math learning
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