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General Reference Grades 2—12

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What good is getting hundreds of pages of returns if you have to spend hours sorting through them to find relevant content? And then more time to verify whether or not the content you found is credible and accurate? The Scholastic GO! search engine sits on top of hundreds of thousands of verifiable content assets to make searching simple and learning authentic.

Better search.
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In an effort to best support Scholastic GO! users and the features they most utilize, Scholastic GO! has been completely re-imagined and re-engineered to have an increased focus on search and superior search return functionality. These upgrades are designed to minimize the time that both teachers and students spend searching, allowing more time for teaching and learning.

Search by subject.
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Designed with repeat usability in mind, the improved search function showcases enhanced delivery, organization, and presentation of articles, images, videos, websites, and more—for more efficient student research and discovery. Our new search results deliver all the relevant content—in every type of media and text type—in one clean, easy-to-navigate layout. Images, articles, videos, fact boxes, sidebars, maps, and websites appear all at once—and can be filtered by reading level!


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GO! is mobile friendly!

  • 115,000 credible, accurate, and reliable articles written by subject-area experts and professional editors.
  • Hundreds of videos give visual learners a chance to build their background knowledge and familiarize themselves with the vocabulary they will encounter in the articles.
  • Career sidebars offer quick fact guides on hundreds of professions.
  • Fact boxes, sidebars, and interactive maps further support research and content area knowledge.
  • 80,000 curated and editorially vetted websites support further learning through additional credible sources.

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